Recruitment Announcement
We are seeking 'challenging' and 'innovative' talents
who has the vision, ability, and potential to lead the future.
For those who knows the value of a good ‘smile', 'humility', and 'passion’, new possibilities and opportunities will always be present.
It is our goal to support and foster talents who will continuously pour in their best efforts and isn’t afraid to make new challenges to lead the future.
Job Introduction
We introduce the responsibilities briefly according to the job field.
Professionals in charge of design and sales in the field of architecture and civil engineering
Research and Development
Researchers who carry out research tasks, national tasks, and develop new techniques
Business Support
Office workers who manage company operations and new business plans, computerize management sectors such as general affairs, accounting, legal affairs, etc.
Construction/Site Management
Professionals who carry out tasks in the field of construction and civil engineering. Qualified site managers who can carry out safety diagnosis, precision inspection
Recruitment Process
We are looking for talents to share our vision in various fields.
Recruitment Announcement
Job openings are registered to job posting/recruitment platforms such as Saramin, JobKorea, etc.
Document Screening
Submit resume, CV, and other required documents
First Interview
Conduct an interview with representatives of the branch or team
Second Interview
Conduct an interview with the executives of the company
Completion of Recruitment
Notification of final results