Welfare System
Family-friendly Welfare Policy
Every week, we encourage our employees to leave work early ('Family Day’) to spend time with families. We want to make sure that our employees can focus more on the quality of their life outside of work by implementing a family-friendly annual leave system.
Pleasant Working Environment
We provide leisure facilities and comfortable rest spaces for our employees for their health and well-being. We also provide lunch fees and quality uniforms.
Employee Benefits
We always keep our ears open to the opinions of our employees to provide various benefits that can satisfy the diverse needs of the members of our organization.
Tuition Support
We support tuition fees 'from pre-school children to university students'. If you have no children or are unmarried, we also provide a separate ‘encouragement fund’.
Classification Supported by Support amount Note
student loan elementary school 1,000,000Won The set amount is based on a ‘per child’ standard. Tuition support is only provided for direct descendants of the employee.
middle school 2,000,000Won
high school 2,000,000Won
university 5,000,000 Won
Child care allowance Preschool children (under 7 years of age) 1,000,000Won
Support for residential environment
We support a peaceful residential environment through 'Interest-Free Housing Loans'.
Classification Supported by Support amount Note
Housing loans for those who have worked for 48 months or more 30,000,000Won limited to once per person
Repayment method 30-month installment repayment
lump sum repayment
Encouragement for cultural life
We provide a 'Welfare Card' with an annual maximum limit of 1,000,000 KRW to make sure that our employees can find the right balance between their work and their personal/cultural life. It can be used for purchasing books, attending to concerts/performances, clothing, dining out, etc.
Classification Supported by Support amount Note
Welfare Card Health Improvement, Physical Fitness 1,300,000Won Gift Card Payment
Medical Expenses, Clothing Expenses
Educational Books/Materials
Happy birthday

* Payments in installments in February and August every year

Congratulatory Money (Condolence Money)
We provide a set amount of congratulatory money for joyful events such as marriage, childbirth, etc. We also provide gifts for holidays and a set amount of condolence money..
Classification Supported by Support amount Note
Congratulatory Money Own (spouse) parents' 70th, 80th birthday 300,000Won
own marriage 1,000,000Won
children's marriage 500,000Won
childbirth, first birthday 500,000Won
Condolence money Own (spouse) hospitalization 300,000Won
parents, spouse's death 700,000Won
spouse's parent's death 700,000Won
children's death 1,000,000Won
own death 1,000,000Won
grandparent's death 500,000Won
sibling's death -
Long-Service Awards
For members who have worked for the company for more than 10 years, we support a pair of travel tickets to the Southeast Asia or Europe so he/she can enjoy a well-earned vacation with their spouse. We also give out a gold bar to celebrate his/her loyalty and contributions to the company.
Classification Supported by Support amount
Incentive 10 years or more in office 1,000,000Won
15 years or more in office 2,000,000Won
20 years or more in office 3,000,000Won
25 years or more in office 4,000,000Won
Health Management
We conduct annual health check-ups and is currently implementing health leave and maternity leave systems
Leisure Facilities
For a comfortable and enjoyable leisure life, we hold membership cards for Muju Resort, Lotte Resort, Daemyung Resort, Eldorado Resort, and Boseong Dabi Beach Condo, making sure all of our employees can gain access to their services throughout the year.
Business Expense Support
To enhance the efficiency of our business, we provide business support expenses for costs incurred for work purposes such as vehicle management fees, fuel costs, and communication charges. Also, we provide corporate vehicles for work-related purposes.
Funeral service
We are a family that shares 'joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness'.
We have established a mutual aid association to help in both happy and sad times for our employees, with whom we spend much time.
The mutual aid fund is established and operated separately from the company.
Congratulatory Money
We celebrate the happy and joyful events of our employees and their family members by providing congratulatory money and a day off.
Classification Congratulatory money Congratulatory holiday Note
Parents' 70th, 80th birthday 300,000Won 1day
spouse's parents' 70th, 80th birthday 300,000Won 1day
own 60th, 70th birthday 500,000Won -
own marriage 700,000Won 6days
children's marriage 500,000Won 2days
siblings' marriage - 1day
childbirth 300,000Won 2days
children's first birthday 300,000Won -
Condolence Money
At times, we offer condolences and companionship in sad events, providing condolence money and a bereavement leave.
Classification Congratulatory money Congratulatory holiday Note
Parents, spouse's death 700,000Won 4days
spouse's parent's death 700,000Won 4days
children's death 1,000,000Won 7days
own death 1,000,000Won -
grandparents' death 300,000Won 3days
sibling's death - 2days
Consolation Money
We provide consolation money in case the individual or his/her spouse is hospitalized.
Classification Congratulatory money Congratulatory holiday Note
Own hospitalization 300,000Won -
spouse hospitalization 300,000Won -
Severance Pay
We provide severance pay in case a long-term employee resigns.
Classification Congratulatory money Congratulatory holiday Note
10년~15년 500,000Won -
15년~20년 700,000Won -
20년이상 1,000,000Won -