GL People
We would like to give a warm welcome to our 28th batch of new employees.

We believe that through this training we can become united and stand as a single team.
We promise to do our best to become a proud member of GL.

- From the 28th Batch of New Employees of GL -

Training System
We support early adaptation and growth into excellent talents through a systematic new employee training program.
Celebrity Lecture
We invite leading experts to deliver lectures on various topics such as creativity, communication, health, etc.
New Employee Training
We conduct a week-long education on the overall operation of the company, including cultural education, administrative education, inspections, and field trips.
Workshops and Group Training
We conduct workshops and education to increase work efficiency and maximize each individual's hidden capabilities.
Work Manuals
Detailed work manuals are available for each assigned task, making it easy and quick to understand the work.
Community Activities
We support community activities to promote communication and harmonious relationships among members.
Business Operation Management Guidelines
Every member of GL is provided with a copy of the Business Operation Management Guidelines. First published in 2011, this booklet embodies GL's management philosophy for quality management and transparent management.

01. Presenting the direction to go as 'colleagues' rather than superiors and subordinates
Managers and employees are partners and colleagues, containing values that all employees can sympathize with.
02. Providing GL with constitutional values
It clearly stipulates the duties that GL members must perform and the rights they can enjoy.
03. Management based on standards and principles
Provides clear criteria as a guideline and manual for all tasks, such as corporate management, personnel system, reward system, welfare, accounting, and estimates.