Ideal Talent
GL seeks individuals who embody the tenet "It's my responsibility" to overcome impossibilities.
Here at GL, we always look for new talents who knows how to take responsibilities into their own hands.
People who proactively finds ways that can lead to a better change,
always pondering to solve problems and find answers that can transcend existing boundaries.
Such individuals are not daunted by change. They leverage their creative thinking to generate new values.
Value Creator

A talent that creates new value based on a challenging spirit, understanding the importance of ‘creativity’ without fearing change.


A talent who can find the right balance between group/individual egoism. A talent who knows how to work as a team, encouraging and leading each other, always exhibiting camaraderie.

Solution Finder

A talent that solves problems with creative thinking and finds new ways for better changes.

Synergy Builder

A talent that leads change and creates synergy within the organization through effective communication and cooperation