Research and Development
We are making huge investments on various R&D projects, cooperating with many partners/institutions under the goal of
developing core technologies and creating a solid foundation for our future businesses based on a high level of technology.
Business Growth Strategy
Expanding High-Added Value Areas
We are focusing on technology development for high-profit areas due to low profits and increased competition in the construction sector.
Diversification of Business Areas
We are expanding investment development business in various areas through technology linkage.
Core Technology Development
Creating businesses based on R&D
Research and Development Strategy
Enhancement of Technological Competitiveness
We are enhancing the feasibility and economic value of our construction methods/technologies through a series of thorough technology evaluation.
Future-oriented Technology Development
We focus on predicting future needs and trends in the industry, aiming to take the lead in the development of various technologies through early investments.
Research Areas
We have selected key research and development areas and are working hard on a year-to-year basis for new technology development.
Maintenance and Reinforcement
  • Eco-friendly grouting
  • Surface/Section Repair
  • Displacement control bridge lifting
Seismic Reinforcement
  • V-shaped stirrups
  • Buckling resistance steel dampers
Metal Windows and Doors
  • High energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly/Green certification
  • High-density insulation certification
  • Government procurement superior product
Research Achievements
We are conducting various researches to make this world a better place, contributing to social development while carrying out national tasks.
Development of section expansion and section maintenance reinforcement technology of RC columns using V-ties
- Current contracting agency: Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
- Research period : 2017.04.01 ~ 2019.12.31
Detailed development of a ceiling system with seismic resistance properties for school buildings
- Current contracting agency: (Foundation) Jeonnam Techno Park
- Research period : 2017.01.01 ~ 2017.12.31
Business commercialization of seismic performance technology for the constant function maintenance of facilities in the event of a 6.0 earthquake
- Current contracting agency: (Foundation) Jeonnam Techno Park
- Research period : 2015.07.01 ~ 2017.06.30
Development of bio-terracon artificial soil aggregate with its own plant growth environment with a specific gravity of less than 0.3
- Current contracting agency: Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
- Research period : 2014.08.07 ~ 2017.08.06
Research Facilities
Our research institute is always researching day and night for the development of new technologies
Corporate Research Institute
202, Industry-Academia Cooperation Building, Dongshin University, Geonjae-ro, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do