Performance System
A performance-based system where efforts and hard work are rewarded
GL strives to provide industry-leading wages based on our systematic performance management system. We conduct well-structured job
competency evaluations and implement a differential compensation system based on individual skills and performance to boost team morale.
48% of Profit is used to provide Merit Pay
Each business unit operates independently in terms of income and expenditure under the self-supporting accounting system. Through the end-of-year settlement report, profits are calculated and merit pay is distributed.
An annually increasing performance payment rate
The ratio of performance pay to profit has been increasing annually. GL walks the path of companionship, where both the individual and the company can grow together through a generous reward system.
Reward System
A fair evaluation system is in place to provide reasonable performance rewards to members. Rewards are paid based on organizational and individual performance, providing motivation to employees and an opportunity to complement inadequate capabilities.
Salary System
Salaries are paid differentially according to skills and rank.
Performance System
Profits generated by the respective organization are paid as performance pay according to the evaluation rating.
Reward System
Excellent employees are selected through idea contests and awarded cash prizes.